Laziness is the oldest sicknesses in the world. As we know from “The Old Bible ” Adam and Eve use to have it until they where kick out from Eden. Now, laziness is developed in the early stage of our childhood and if is not addressed now, can become a big gossip topic for the old relatives. On the first stage the child tends to use some expressions like: NOT NOW or I DON’T CARE. These are the first symptoms for laziness. Parents can trigger these symptoms by pushing the child in some activities like studding or cleaning the room. At this age parents are trying to cure this sickness by punishing the child. As we grow punishment is working less and less so parents are starting a psychological approach. They are going to compare you with some other parents kid who’s doing this and that and never stop until you move out on your own. Most of the time in a family the laziness is related with the male side and that is because of Adam. So ladies please don’t be so harsh on us (men) it’s in our gene. We are trying to correct that but it’s hard.


Destiny of a parent.

We all learned how to ride the bicycle from our parents My dad teaches me how to ride a bicycle and I was so happy, that I could ride my bike with my friends. 0060-0808-2203-0226_Young_Girl_Riding_a_Bicycle_clipart_image

This weekend was my time to teach my daughter to ride her bicycle. After I saw my daughter riding her scooter I realise that is time for her to ride her bicycle without any training wheels. First we start with both training wheels. It was only one time around the house but all this time I was building her confidence and convince her to take off one of the training wheel. She was OK with that and for the next 5 rounds she was riding only with one training wheel. then she asked me to remove the last training wheel too. I did and for the next 5 rounds she was riding without training wheels. You could see her happiness in her eyes and a contend feeling. I was the proudest dad in the world for teaching my daughter to ride the bicycle and for continuing the destiny of a parent.

PS. Also I was the exhausted dad after 15 rounds of running beside my daughter bicycle.  It was all worth it.


Our thoughts are so complicated and yet we are talking the easy way out. Every body is talking and debating about every small problem in their life. Some of them are exaggerating so much that you will think it is a very important for them. Are these people selfish? From their point of view NOT. After I thought more about this topic I realize that they are right. Our society is built up on the solutions of this small problems. Every details count when you build anything