Advice or not

Living in this vast of energies and thoughts people are looking for advises. We all try to help our children or friends with our advice about life but are we allowed to give them? Everyone is different and has his own path and what is good for us may not be good for others. Everything you say is influenced by what your life has taught you. How we know what’s best for them?

One the other hand because we are not emotional involve we use only logic when we give advice. It’s easy to tell a friend to leave his partner because he/she cheated. The worst advice is when we give advice without having experienced those problems. Or we were not even able to solve those problems in our life.

I wonder how you would need to talk to people to not influence them with your advice. Even God is guiding us and let us to figure out the answer. Sometimes the best advice for a friend is just to listen and let him/her to open his/hers heart and to ease his/hers soul.


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