Everybody is replaceable

How much truth is in this saying? Why we do believe that what we do to somebody cannot happen to us.

When we are at work we must be professional, but who can say where we stop with it. The logic or the common sense. For me common sense should tell you when to stop. But if you don’t have common sense then you try to rely on logic. The logic chases away any feeling that we have and that is not good when you are working with people.

This happened at work today. One of our colleagues was fired. She devoted herself to save more money for the company at the expense of respect for people. You can imagine that she was not beloved. I hope she learn that people feelings and the respect for them is more important the any money.

Who things she/he cannot be replaced at work is wrong and full of shit. You can be the best of all in your field if your boss wants to fire you ,then he will. The company will not go bankrupt because of your leave, than one to slow down a bit. And always will be others to take your place.

I know is sad when somebody is losing a job but a kick in the ass it’s a step forward not backwards. I hope she will find another job soon.


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