Do not compare!

Yesterday I had a little argument with a colleague at work who claimed its the same thing to have a dog or a child. When I heard I gazed at him and I asked him some simple questions.

How many times have you walked your dog in your arms as having colic?

How many sleepless nights he had when the dog was sick?

How many times a night his awaken to check on dog?

and many other questions like these.

I understand that a dog has a soul as a kid but a child’s growth demands more affection and devotion than a dog. I say that you have more spiritual satisfaction from a child than a dog.

He who does not raised a child cannot make such comparisons. But if you mean that a dog is a responsibility like a child , then yes it’s true. You have to wash them , prepare their food or to go to the doctor, yes these are some of the chore that needs to be made for both and just for this reasons they are the same.

I had a dog and to me a dog is a living thing that you care in exchange for his affection and devotion. Don’t get me wrong I loved my dog but I don’t had to do as many for him as I do for my child.

For me the love for my child is bigger than any love in the world.

4 thoughts on “Do not compare!

  1. I had a dog and to me a dog is a living thing that you care in exchange for his affection and devotion. Ok agreed, I have a cat and get exactly that, love and affection and devotion…I have a saying, the cat lets me live in HIS HOUSE, I just pay the bills, LOL…great post Adrian!

  2. I think the comparison for many people comes from wanting to connect on a similar level. When my friends talk about their children I have nothing to add to the conversation because I myself do not have children, but I do have a dog. Dogs have been found to have an intelligence that resembles that of a three year old child so it makes sense that someone would try to compare them. I also think people can love their dogs (or any family pet) just as much as their children, but in a much different way. For me, personally, I literally owe my dog my life. Just a thought 🙂

    • Thank you for your thought. When you’ll have a child you’ll see the difference. I know that you love your dog but please don’t say it’s like a child.

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