Choice -Luck -Fate

Many of us are calling this fate or luck but is not, it’s all about our choices that we made every minute. Sometime you feel remorseful because one time you made a bad choice and someone life is gone. That happened to a young guy named Adi. It was one week before his 22nd birthdays he chose to stay late with his friends even though he knew that the next morning he had to help his Dad to move some books from their old apartment. He came home late with his mindset that he will take a 4 hour nap then he will go with his Dad. But he did not leave him a note to wake him up, he though that his Dad will wake him up anyway. Next morning he woke up with the phone ringing continuously, he notice his dad wasn’t home so he answer the phone. It was his brother from the hospital who told him that Dad had a terrible accident and he is in critical condition.

Everything happened fast on the 7-floor apartment. A malfunction on the elevator door. With a big bunch of books in his hands Dad was coming out from the apartment and waiting in front of the elevator door. Suddenly the elevator door is opening and Dad, blindfolded by the books, walk inside. Unfortunately the elevator was not there and he fall inside of the elevator house.

Adi rush to the hospital but it was too late his Dad was unconsciousness, his dad suffered multiple fracture on spine, arms and legs. By his bedside everybody is praying for a miracle to happen. Around 1 a clock in the morning he open his eyes and he told his wife I love you then he passed away.

Adi was shattered. If only he could say sorry that he slept late. Why he left without him? Nobody knows and never will.

Did Adi make a bad choice? Or did Adi’s Dad have bad luck or fate. Who knows?


I dedicate this story to my Father who would have 61 birthdays today. I love you Dad and I am…


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