Memories first shaving

The other day my daughter saw me shaving and she start to laugh because I was looking funny for her. Then she starts to ask childish questions that made me to remember my first razor and my first shaving.

My Dad bought me my first razor, the one with changeable razor blades. He knew that for some time I was using his razor and one day he came to me and said “Son it’s time that I teach you how to shave your beard”. Not that I had a big beard, just small ‘patches’ of hair on my face.  He insisted more in preparation of the razor and face before and after shaving.  I always had to clean the razor blade after shaving and stored in its paper, that was his #1 rule.

It was quite an experience that took almost half an hour. After my first real shaved I had a red face was full with small pieces of toilet paper from the cuts and aftershave cologne.

Now everything is different we have safe disposable razor, we have nice after shave cream not face burning aftershave cologne. I don’t say that everything is wrong now, it’s better and faster and because of that we are making less and less nice memories.


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