When I was a kid I was looking forward to spend my summer vacation on my grandparents village. My grandma was a very religious woman and every Sunday we had to go to church. It was an old greek-catholic church manages by orthodox priest.  I like it because we got to see more kids and after the church my grandma always by us ice cream. It wasn’t only the ice cream who got us to the church there were the stories from religion about God, angels, saints and people. My grandmother told me when we pray, God is listening to us and every night before to go to bed we had to pray to the God so he can give us strength, wisdom and forgive our sins.


Now that I have more knowledge about Judaism, Muslim and Hindu religions I can say that all these faiths have the same core value. MEN SOUL. We all are praying to our God for strength and wisdom. Through our faith we all are trying to achieve a higher level for our soul. Not one of these faiths is preaching about killing people and yet people are killing people in the name of their faith.

In the church, synagogue or mosque all people are praying for peace but after they leave the place some of them are changing in a different persons and forgetting about peace. In church we are praying for the future and outside the church we are more concentrated on the past and daily problems. I wish one day that everybody from our world to forget everything about the past, hate, greed  and begin fresh with the future in peace.

Maybe one day all of us, through our faith, we will get the all needed peace.


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